How To Create A New HTML Message?

Step 1: Open Your Messages and click ‘Create New Message’.

Step 2: Select the HTML template you want to use.

Step 3: Edit template to what you want each text field to say

On the right hand side you will see the Edit Panel and text boxes for each of the text elements you can see in the preview in the middle of the screen. To edit the text click on the text box to the right and type what you want that field to say

Eg. Dr Geetha Venkatram

As you change the text the preview will update at the same time.

Please Note: To leave a text box blank enter two spaces to remove the ‘undefined’ text.

Step 4: Add your logo to the HTML template

Please note: you can use an image that has already been uploaded to ‘YOUR LIBRARY’ or you can upload your logo.

Step 5: Click next and complete the usual steps to schedule and publish a message

You will be taken through the standard steps of selecting your screens, completing the scheduling parameters and publishing after creating your HTML template.