What Is Content?

Understand what image and video file types can be used on your Motio display.

What files types can I use?

The file types supported by Publish are png or jpeg for images and MP4 for video file.

What are the image and video dimensions?

Landscape: The required dimension for landscape content is 1920 pixels (Width) by 1080 pixels (Height) or an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Please ensure that all portrait and landscape videos are no longer than 7 seconds and that images can be read/understood within those 7 seconds.

Does my content need sound?

No. All Motio screens do not play sound.

What size should my text be? What resolution should the image and video be?

All words on content should be no smaller than size 50 (50pt). The minimum resolution should be 72ppi (this refers to the pixel density of an image that impacts on its quality) for your content.