Create A Message

Learn to upload files and schedule them to display on your Motio display.

Step 1: Navigate to ‘YOUR LIBRARY’ and upload content

Clicking on the cloud highlighted by the red square in the image below will trigger a pop up to upload image and video files.

Step 2: Select one of the five options to upload content

When uploading content your library there are five options to choose from. These include My Device, Google Drive, Dropbox, Link as well as drag and drop.

Step 3: Select content piece/s and click upload

You can upload single or multiple files at one time.


Please note: Once your content has been uploaded you will see a green tick next to the word ‘Complete’ that tells you that your content is finished uploading. Now your content is uploaded click on the ‘X’ to close the pop up

Step 4: Navigate to the ‘YOUR MESSAGES’ window in the menu bar and click 'Create New Message'

This is where the scheduling happens.

For each image or video file you want to schedule to your screen, you will need to create a separate message.

Step 5: Use the menu on the left to choose the image or video you wish to schedule to your screen

All of your image and video files that were uploaded to ‘YOUR LIBRARY’ will appear on the left side of your screen. Once you have chosen the file for your message click next.

Step 6: Use the tick box to select the screen you want to display your message on

The screen you select will have the message displayed on it once it is Published. Once the screen is selected click next.

Step 7: Set when your message will play

Using the custom schedule feature complete each of the the scheduling parameters to decide when and what days your message will play.

Please note: For more details on setting specific days or times for your message see – Message Parameters.

Step 8: Name your message

We recommend using a uniform naming convention across all your messages before clicking ‘Publish’. As a general rule you can name as follows:

‘File Name’-‘Date’ eg. Mosman Medical Centre – WELCOME – 8NOV22

Please note: by including the date the message was created/edit it helps the you know how old the message is and track what messages need to be reviewed for updates.

Click Publish once you are finished and ready to send the content to your displays.