Publish Glossary

Learn how to navigate Publish and understand what the various icons mean

Understanding the menu bar: ‘Your Library’

The menu bar is split into three main functions.

The ‘YOUR LIBRARY’ function is where you will upload and store your files that will be published to your screens. In this function you can see all your existing image and video files at once.

Understanding the menu bar: 'Your Screens'

The ‘YOUR SCREENS’ function you will be able to view your screen(s). While on the ‘your screens’ page you can click on their screen(s) to see what content has been scheduled to that screen. The status icon will reveal where the message is live, finished or drafted (please see icons at the bottom of document).

Understanding the menu bar: Your Messages

The ‘YOUR MESSAGES’ function you will be able to view, create and edit your messages. This is where you will spend most of your time creating and scheduling messages to your MotioHealth Practice Information Display.

Understanding the buttons at the top right of the screen

Info: Via this button you will be able to come back to this user guide library, by click on the User Guide and Support option.

Notification Bell: Here you will be notified of any issues with messages in the approval stage before publishing, if you have opted for a approval stage in your Publish setup.

Logout: Once you are done creating and editing messages you will be taken back to the log in page.

Reference our icon section below:

When navigating publish, users will come across a few icons across the various stages of creating and scheduling messages. Please see the table below to understand the meanings behind them:

Select – click this tick box if you want to access these options for the selected file
Upload – to upload a new file
Share with Someone – to share a file with another user, this will enable them to use the file in messages.
Rename – to make it easier to organise and find different files
Move to Folder – to organise files by type or purpose
Delete – to remove a file permanently
File Type – the icon to the left of the name will show you if the file is a Video, Image or Other file type.
File Type – the icon to the left of the name will show you if the file is a Video, Image or Other file type.
Name – You can see the current name of the file, if you click on the name it will open a preview page and you can rename the file or view content, you can also Approve and Reject files here.
Messages – this icon shows you if a file is currently use in a message, if you click on this icon it will show you what message that file is used in.
Comments – You can use comments to add extra information about the file.
Owner – This is the user who initially uploaded the file, you may only be able to see files another user has created if they have shared them with you and not edit them unless you have permission.
Uploaded On – show the date the file was uploaded.
File Size – This will show the size of the message file, we recommend files no bigger than 10MB