How To Create A New HTML Message?

Step 1: Open Your Messages and click ‘Create New Message’.

Step 2: Select the HTML template you want to use.

Your HTML Templates will be in the ‘Café Name – Templates’ folder.

Step 3: Edit template to what you want each text field to say

If you click on the field you wish to edit in the preview you will be able to edit the text.

Step 4: Add your logo to the HTML template

NOTE: If your logo is already set, skip to step 5.

Click on the ‘Browse’ button in the ‘Logo’ field on the right column and either use the Upload icon to add to your logo or navigate to the folder with your logo. Once selected use the resize tool window on the right to ensure the whole logo shows and then click ‘use this one’  to complete selection.

Please note: you cause an image that has already been uploaded to ‘YOUR LIBRARY’ or you can upload your logo.

Step 5: Update your image

Click on the ‘Browse’ button in the image field on the right.

Choose an image from the Stock Image Library or upload you own image and resize as required in the resize tool window. Once you are finished, click ‘Use this one’ to complete selection.

NOTE: this is only applicable to templates with images.

Step 6: Click next and complete the usual steps to schedule and publish a message

You will be taken through the standard steps of selecting your screens, completing the scheduling parameters and publishing after creating your HTML template.

Please Note: Once you have setup the content page you must continue through to the Publish stage or the settings and changes will not be saved, if you need to go back and make changes go through to the end of the process, click ‘Publish’ and then you can reopen and edit the message.