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Motio is a leading Place Based & location Intelligence media company focused on creating memorable brand and customer experiences all over Australia.

With one of the largest place-based networks in Australia, Motio’s high definition digital marketing environments are poised to capture the attention of its audiences, effectively and efficiently.

Motio has created its customer location intelligent experience platform by combining first party data, live venue based analytics and government statistical data to provide brands with precise and insightful information and audiences relevant, memorable experiences.

All of Motio’s networks leverage the dwell time in place based environments – delivering powerful, contextual connections in brand safe, content enhanced environments.

Our networks

Digital Environments
Place-Based digital marketing environments with data driven digital capability provides brands the opportunity to influence with precision and relevance.
National Coverage
Our networks span Australia providing comprehensive coverage in over 1500 locations in both metropolitan and regional areas providing brands true access to key geographic targeting.
Content Rich
Our long dwell time environments provide curated content and hyper relevant location based information giving audiences more reasons to engage with our networks than ever before.
Data Led
All of our networks are rich in first party, anonymised customer data and localised analytics providing brands with real world information, connected to digital programmatic ecosystems.
Customer Location Intelligence
We know our audiences

Motio’s deep understanding of its audience has been brought to life through first party data, anonymised digital venue analytics and verified research capability. These tools provide insights to brands seeking highly relevant, long dwell time engagement that provide tangible impact and return on investment.


All of our High Definition Digital displays are positioned in highly viewable positions with immense care taken to locate in most viewable position in each venue. Because of our unique content inclusions, our screens are sought after for more than just advertising or a touch of news. They offer true location based utility, enhancing brand impact.

High Dwell Time

Our highly contextual environments are tailored towards delivering long natural dwell time in each environment. In contrast to traditional outdoor, our audiences have time to view and engage with the vibrant communication in high definition, offering brands a greater opportunity to influence.

Time, Place & Intent

It may be fuelling up and grabbing a snack, a visit to the local GP or getting together with friends for a game, our displays play a role of significance engaging consumers at a specific time, at a place of their choice and with a quality intent providing a true moment of maximum influence.


Data across our networks suggest our audiences are ready to make purchases. In MotioGo we see over 10 million transactions per month in our petro-convenience venues, and 50% of consumers in our MotioHealth environments make a pharmacy or supermarket visit straight after their consultation. So our networks reach audiences with a true intent to purchase.

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