Frequently Asked Questions About Publish

Getting Organised/Set Up

How do I see what messages are on my screen?

To see what messages are playing on a specific screen head to ‘Your Screens’ in the menu bar. By clicking on the the name of the screen, it will show you all of the messages that either have played, are currently playing or are scheduled to play on the specific screen.

What do I do if I forget my password or can't login?

To change or to update your password head to the Publish login page and click on “forgot password”. This will ask for an email to send a link to in order to update your Publish password.

Please see our user guide on how to log in HERE

What file types can I use in Publish?

The files that can be used on Publish include a jpeg for images and mp4 for videos.

I can't see all of my screens in Publish?

Please email specifying the location of where the screen is that is missing from your Publish platform and someone will reach out to assist.

How can I create new folders for my images and videos?

To make a new folder go to ‘Your Library’. Look for the icon of a folder with a plus on it on the right hand side of your page. Clicking on this will create a new folder for you to save files into.

What happens if a new screen is added to my site and i want to access that through Publish?

Please email specifying the location of the screen and our team will add it you ‘Your Screens’ in Publish.

How do I rename my files and messages?

Go to ‘Your Library’ and select the tick box next to the file you wish to rename. A new icon will appear once selected on the right hand side of your page in the shape of a pencil. Click the pencil to rename your file. Click rename to save changes

How can I see what screens a message is playing on?

To see what screens a message is playing on, click the green edit pencil next to the desired message. You can skip straight to step 2 by clicking on it at the top of your screen. Here you will be able to see which screens are selected for your message to be displayed on.

Creating/Editing a Message

How do I create a message?

Navigate to ‘Your Message’ page in publish. Start the process to create a message by clicking on the button titled ‘Create New Message’. This will take you through the four steps (content, screens, scheduling and publish) required to schedule an image or video. See in detail how to create a message HERE

Can I create a message for multiple screens?

You can schedule a message to multiple screens if you have more than one screen in your waiting room(s). To schedule to more than one screen simply tick multiple screens when creating or editing a message.

Can I change when and where a message plays after it has gone live?

Yes to can edit a message to change when and where a message plays once it has gone live by clicking the green edit pencil next to the message in ‘Your Messages’.

Scheduling Information

Can I schedule a message in advance of when I want it to start playing?

You can have a message play in advance on a later date. When you are creating or editing a message, in the scheduling step you can choose a date in the future on the calendar to choose a date for your message to start playing from.

Can I schedule a message to play at a certain time of the day or on specific days of the week?

Yes. These options are available to you in step 3 when creating or editing a message. To have a message play on select days simply deselect the days you do not want to display your message. As for scheduling between specific times, you can edit the times in the boxes to have a message displayed between specific hours instead of all day which is the default.

Can I create a message to only play on some of my screens?

Yes! To do so only select the particular screens you want a message to play on when creating a message. For an example please refer to step 6 of this user guide.

Have Another Question?

Get in touch directly with our Publish support team via this form with any questions or queries you may have.