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Concrete Playground and Motio have announced a content partnership which will see Concrete Playground stream high quality editorial content across Motio’s café network in CBD’s and high socio-economic urban areas across Australia.

Concrete Playground will produce specific, place-based content for Motio which can be consumed easily on displays in cafés and also give viewers the option to read a longer format on the Concrete Playground website, known for making café, bars, events and travel destinations famous.

Motio unveiled the content partnerships with Concrete Playground this morning at an intimate breakfast for clients at Café Sydney where they talked about the importance of engaging content in place-based environments with long dwell times, which sets them apart from their counterparts in the out-of-home segment.

Rich Fogarty, Founder, Concrete Playground, commented: “The opportunity to distribute our content across a highly relevant format such as Motio Café has provided us with new ways to connect with relevant and engaged audiences. It’s a natural fit for our brand as our brand goes from strength to strength.”

Alex Light, Managing Director, Concrete Playground, added: “This year, Concrete Playground has put a lot of focus on both our editorial coverage and the distribution channels where that content lives, making sure we are meeting our audience wherever they may be. This partnership with the Motio Café network does just that, in a highly relevant environment for our content and our readers. It’s a win for both our companies, and a huge value exchange for consumers.”

Adam Cadwallader, CEO, Motio, said: “Having Concrete Playground on board as a content partner will mean so much to our audiences. Motio already places over 100 pieces of news content across the displays each day from Australian Associated Press a well as video and current affairs channels. Concrete Playground will provide additional premium quality lifestyle content, geographically targeted, relevant and current for our audience, enhancing our existing range.” Cadwallader added “Others in the space have tried this and fallen short, operators in this space would be wise to respect the audiences and the environment, placing a few select pieces of advertorial that feign editorial content and hoping for the best is a potentially flawed strategy; editorialised content makes these environments and their customers feel valued and connected, its’ all about the audience experience.”

Both Motio and Concrete Playground talked favourably about opportunities for the future including targeting commercial media opportunities and how they can work together on extending possibilities for brands across Café’s and licenced venue locations across Australia.

Content will begin appearing on Motio displays from today.


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