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From beans to dreams: ResMed gives needy sleeper free coffee for World Sleep Day

World sleep day sounds like just another ‘day’ but a bad night’s sleep can often be hiding underlying health challenges and it’s serious, especially for men. Undiagnosed sleep apnoea in men aged 40-69 could be up to 49% and whilst women are less likely to suffer, it’s still a global issue.

Who better than to fly the flag for great sleep than ResMed, a global leader in sleep technology. ResMed are marking World Sleep Day as moment to enjoy a free coffee and educate people at work on the value of quality sleep and importantly the challenges if you don’t or worse, can’t achieve it.

ResMed have teamed up with the Motio Café media network to reach and engage coffee (and presumably sleep) lovers in CBD’s and urban locations to create a digital and physical campaign. This also includes content in addition to traditional advertising by combining a ‘Statsroom’ sleep dashboard on digital displays in café’s alongside free coffee in custom designed cups, telling the story while you sip.



ResMed ‘Statsroom’ branded content will be republished findings from ResMed’s 2024 ANZ Global Sleep Survey into bite-sized content that will run natively on Motio’s comprehensive Health and Café content platform.

ResMed have chosen a particularly relevant moment when sleepers are engaging in their daily coffee ritual before hitting the keyboard or ready for a mid-morning, or even afternoon caffeine spike – It’s these key times that we are most likely to be thinking about our personal energy levels.

ResMed’s Senior Media and Creative Manager, Charlotte Swindell, said the partnership was a unique opportunity to engage with people at work in CBD’s and urban areas around the country.

“Often we can think a little dose of caffeine first thing in the morning or as we feel the afternoon slump is what we need to keep us fresh and engaged and we’re hoping this activation and wider campaign encourages audiences to think about the potentially deeper problems at hand when it comes to their sleep health – Through Motio Café, we had a poignant opportunity to connect with the people whilst they are in work mode, who may be experiencing sleep-related challenges or know someone who is.”

Motio CEO, Adam Cadwallader, said “With audiences back to near pre-covid levels across the majority of Motio’s network, this has been a brilliant way to wake up the cities with great coffee. The team have loved working on this very elegant multi-format execution with ResMed, a long-term partner for Motio.

“ResMed has treated the Motio network much more as a digital and physical marketing environment using out of home as a vehicle. This has taken the conversation from a standard share-of-voice to ownership of the dwell by using various types of media executions,” added Swindell.

In addition to Motio Café activity, ResMed, through Sanctuary Media have also activated Motio’s Health network of ultra-large medical practice waiting room environments – encouraging health-conscious audiences to ask their doctor about their sleep struggles.

How we can create mentally healthier environments with Black Dog Institute

October is Mental Health Month, a time for everyone from individuals to businesses to reflect on the profound impact of mental health on our society. So as we draw to a close on another mental health month, it’s important the conversation about mental health continues.


At Motio we have an ongoing commitment to champion mental health initiatives, including our content partnership with Black Dog Institute. And we had the privilege of sitting down with Deb Agnew, Senior Manager of Brand and Marketing Communications at Black Dog Institiute to chat through the steps to creating safer work environments and supporting others. As well as some valuable insights on maintaining mental health well-being, and most importantly, initiating difficult conversations with loved ones.



What motivated you to join the Black Dog Institute and become dedicated to the cause of mental health?


Deb Agnew: I’m very passionate about mental health and went through a very trying time with a family member experiencing anxiety and depression a few years ago.  It was a very dark and terrifying time and inspired me to work with an organisation who is making strides to change the mental health care system in Australia. Hence my work at the Black Dog Institute, a world-leading mental health research organisation that is not only researching anxiety and depression but transforming people’s lives with its evidence-based mental health treatments, educational programs, services and resources.


The Mental Health Month theme this year is “We all have a role to play”, what does that mean to you?


DA: The theme underscores our shared responsibility in supporting better mental health for all people. The theme reminds us that supporting friends, family, and even strangers experiencing mental health challenges is crucial. So is promoting empathy and encouraging open conversations and reducing stigma. Advocacy, awareness, and creating safe environments are essential components of our collective role. It emphasises self-care while fostering a culture of acceptance and understanding. Inclusivity, prevention and early intervention are also key aspects, emphasising that better mental health is relevant to all individuals and communities. This theme calls us to create a more compassionate and supportive society where mental health is prioritised and valued.


Supporting those around us can be challenging at times. Do you have any practical suggestions to initiate meaningful check-in conversations with friends, colleagues, or family members?


DA: Initiating meaningful check-in conversations involves being empathetic, caring and lending an ear. Start by asking open-ended questions like “What’s been on your mind?” Or “How have you been feeling lately?” It’s important to be genuinely interested in their response, authentic and not to rush. Avoid judgments and offer your support, saying something like, “I’m here for you, and I care about how you’re doing.” Remember, it’s about listening, understanding, and showing you care.


In our fast-paced lives, daily stress can take a toll on mental wellbeing. Could you recommend some daily activities individuals can incorporate to better manage and reduce stress?


DA: To better manage daily stress and enhance mental wellbeing, consider incorporating some of these daily activities:

  • Organise your day, routine and preparation is a good thing to provide structure and anticipate challenges before they become issues.
  • Maintain social connections and time with friends and loved ones.
  • Limit screen time, set boundaries on news consumption and prioritise adequate sleep, a healthy diet and physical exercise.
  • Spend time in nature, time away from the hustle and bustle amidst trees is very soothing.
  • Practice gratitude and acknowledging the things that you are grateful for, both big and small. What we focus on grows and multiplies, so focussing on what is working and makes you smile is important.
  • I personally find Meditation a great way to destress, declutter my mind and create space for new ideas and opportunities.

If stress becomes overwhelming, seek help. There’s lots available. A good first point of contact is to check in with your GP. They can help by providing a referral to a psychologist. There’s face-to-face options or telehealth appointments.  There’s also digital tools, resources or apps, help is at hand. Two notable evidence-based mental health apps from Black Dog Institute are myCompass, which helps you navigate your mood and SleepNinja which helps with sleep disturbances.



Raising awareness about mental health resources and support services is crucial. What actions do you think we can take not only during Mental Health Month but throughout the year to achieve this?


DA: To raise awareness about mental health resources and support services year-round, we can start by normalising discussions about mental health, destigmatising it and sharing personal stories. We can point people in the direction of evidence-based resources, like those provided by Black Dog Institute, that have been tried and tested and have been proven to work. We can encourage workplaces and schools to provide education and resources around better mental health and share information through their social media and community events. We can collaborate with mental health organisations, as well as local governments, and businesses to create accessible services and support networks. We can advocate for policies that prioritise better mental health, and support individuals seeking help without judgment. By maintaining a sustained effort in these areas beyond Mental Health Month, we can ensure that awareness and support for mental health are ongoing priorities in our communities.


BDI has been using Motio Health and Motio Café to promote some important messaging across Australia – how has it been going for you so far?


DA: Through the Motio network we’ve had the opportunity to reach millions of Australians. Many metro professionals through Café, as well as those focused on their health and wellbeing via Health. Within the first three days of BDI using the Motio media networks, we’ve had over 500 visits to our campaign landing page.

We know that out-of-home media impacts behaviour change by repetitively exposing audiences to clear, visually appealing messages. We want to elevate the importance of better mental health and increase awareness of Black Dog Institute’s ability to assist with treatments, programs, services, resources and digital tools to foster better mental health.


Finally, fostering a supportive work environment is vital. How can organisations reduce the stigma around mental health and create a space that encourages support for their employees?


DA: Organisations can reduce the stigma around mental health and create a mentally healthy and supportive workspace.  We help organisations do this through our Workplace Mental Health programs. We educate employees and managers about better mental health, offering tools and resources to recognise signs of distress, promoting open dialogue about mental health concerns and ensuring access to confidential support services. Encouraging work-life balance and stress management techniques, and leading by example through visible leadership support for mental wellbeing. Ultimately, we know that better mental health pays dividends and leads to better productivity, better job satisfaction and better cost savings for organisations.



The Black Dog Institute is the only medical research institute in Australia to investigate on mental health. Their goal is to create a mentally healthier world for everyone, and Motio is a proud media partner.

Modibodi uses Motio’s targeting tool to be part of women’s sports (video)

Discover Modibodi’s Success Story as we interview CMO Liana Lorenzato about their Change Room campaign in collaboration with PUMA, and their experience with the Motio Play network and its unique targeting capabilities.

Utilising Motio’s Spawtz Software data, Modibodi activated its campaign when all-female sports teams were playing. The campaign was scheduled at specific game times with creative tailored for differing age groups, and sporting codes, a possibility usually reserved for online campaigns.


Learn more about the outcomes of this strategic partnership and their experience reaching socially vibrant environments.

Watch the Case Study here. 


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Modibodi ventures into grass roots sports with Motio in an industry first.

Modibodi, the pioneering brand in global absorbent apparel, recently launched its groundbreaking Change Room campaign in collaboration with PUMA, which has captivated audiences across Australia. The campaign saw brand engagement come to life through a successful pop-up store in Sydney, that allowed athletes to swap white or light-coloured sports shorts for a free pair of Modibodi x PUMA leakproof Active shorts.

To complement this incredible campaign, the Modibodi team partnered with Digital Placed-Based media company Motio, leveraging their 1st party data and technology to target women playing grass roots sport and promoting the campaign. The campaign ran across Motio’s extensive network of sports centres throughout Australia placing a series of ads only when women are playing, a first for the industry.

Through the Motio Play platform, Modibodi saw a unique opportunity to engage directly to its core audience in a socially vibrant environment with high dwell time, not just while women are playing but pre and post-game as well. The media partnership has sparked a wave of excitement and empowerment among active women participating in team sports.

Liana Lorenzato, CMO, Modibodi

“The opportunity to showcase the collaboration between Modibodi and Puma whilst women are playing sport together made ‘Motio Play’ a no-brainer for us. It’s reassuring to see our campaign running in a highly relevant, data driven environment; it has allowed us to extend our message of being comfy in your own skin, out of the online space and into the real world in the same way we would online, such a difficult thing to do in an out-of-home environment. ”

Adam Cadwallader, CEO, Motio

Marketing to women has never been in the spotlight more than right now. The evolution of language and acceptance is arguably too long in the tooth to even mention. The team have been itching to use our data points to serve advertising in a way that other out-of-home environments are still dreaming of, rivalling some of the retail sector. This was a chance for Motio to use the power of our player data through our competition management software Spawtz to ensure Modibodi was active when women were playing in our environments where most of the audience are playing for fun.”



Motio launched it’s out-of-home targeting capability with Modibodi that targeted games played by all female teams with multiple creatives at different times, age groups and sporting codes.


Modibodi has been an Australian success story and has been operating for over 10 years when it launched its game changing period underwear.



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Concrete Playground and Motio team up on content partnership

Concrete Playground and Motio have announced a content partnership which will see Concrete Playground stream high quality editorial content across Motio’s café network in CBD’s and high socio-economic urban areas across Australia.

Concrete Playground will produce specific, place-based content for Motio which can be consumed easily on displays in cafés and also give viewers the option to read a longer format on the Concrete Playground website, known for making café, bars, events and travel destinations famous.

Motio unveiled the content partnerships with Concrete Playground this morning at an intimate breakfast for clients at Café Sydney where they talked about the importance of engaging content in place-based environments with long dwell times, which sets them apart from their counterparts in the out-of-home segment.

Rich Fogarty, Founder, Concrete Playground, commented: “The opportunity to distribute our content across a highly relevant format such as Motio Café has provided us with new ways to connect with relevant and engaged audiences. It’s a natural fit for our brand as our brand goes from strength to strength.”

Alex Light, Managing Director, Concrete Playground, added: “This year, Concrete Playground has put a lot of focus on both our editorial coverage and the distribution channels where that content lives, making sure we are meeting our audience wherever they may be. This partnership with the Motio Café network does just that, in a highly relevant environment for our content and our readers. It’s a win for both our companies, and a huge value exchange for consumers.”

Adam Cadwallader, CEO, Motio, said: “Having Concrete Playground on board as a content partner will mean so much to our audiences. Motio already places over 100 pieces of news content across the displays each day from Australian Associated Press a well as video and current affairs channels. Concrete Playground will provide additional premium quality lifestyle content, geographically targeted, relevant and current for our audience, enhancing our existing range.” Cadwallader added “Others in the space have tried this and fallen short, operators in this space would be wise to respect the audiences and the environment, placing a few select pieces of advertorial that feign editorial content and hoping for the best is a potentially flawed strategy; editorialised content makes these environments and their customers feel valued and connected, its’ all about the audience experience.”

Both Motio and Concrete Playground talked favourably about opportunities for the future including targeting commercial media opportunities and how they can work together on extending possibilities for brands across Café’s and licenced venue locations across Australia.

Content will begin appearing on Motio displays from today.


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